Welcome to the new site for BeagleBoard.org GSoC 2024 projects!


What is Google Summer of Code?

Spend your summer break writing code and learning about open source development while earning money! Accepted contributors work with a mentor and become a part of the open source community. Many become lifetime open source developers! The 2024 contributor application window will be open from March 18th 2024 to April 2nd 2024! But don’t wait for then to engage! Come to our Discord and Forum to share ideas today.

This section includes guides for contributors & mentors who want to participate in GSoC 2024 with BeagleBoard.org. It’s highly recommended to check GSoC Frequently Asked Questions. For anyone who just want to contribute to this site we also have a step by step contribution guide.

Contributor Guide

If you want to increase your chances of being accepted into (and succeed during) Google Summer of Code, we strongly encourage you to read this guide! It is particularly helpful for tips on writing a good project proposal and how potential contributors should interact with the communities they are interested in working with during the program.

Mentor Guide

If you want to mentor for GSoC this year, read this short guide made for mentors wondering where to help.

Proposal Guide

To create an proposal on gsoc.beagleboard.io, we have provided a reStructuredText template. The tamplate can be used to create a live HTML version of the proposal as well as generate a PDF version for GSoC submission.

Site Editing Guide

For anyone who is looking to make changes to the gsoc.beagleboard.io site, you can checkout our site editing guide. We have provided information on how to use OpenBeagle’s integrated Web IDE for editing, CI for building and pages for serving the rendered content.